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We combine social interaction with health & wellness to form the fastest growing lifestyle community in the UK.


Our mission is to revolutionise how people use personal training. We want to make personal training as accessible to as many people as possible. As personal training is a very expensive luxury, the more help and support you need, the more you have to pay.


Well, at Limitless we see your health as your wealth so why should you have to pay more if you are willing to put in the effort and want to make a lifelong change? You shouldn’t. We believe you should be rewarded for positive behavioural changes and the more you come in, the less you pay per session! Our Gold Membership is £8.50 a day! That’s the same as 2 Starbucks coffees! We are far more than just a gym, we are a community of likeminded people who are all here to support you on the most important journey of your life. 

  • How much is a Platinum membership?
    The Platinum membership is £475 per month. This is £15.30 per day! The more services you use the more you benefit and the cheaper it is per session. Win Win! The average 1-1 PT session or massage is £40 which would be £1200 per month if you had one every day. This is why you have never had 7x sessions per week, but with Limitless you now can.
  • How much is a Gold membership?
    The Gold membership is £300 per month. This is <£10 per day! The more services you use the more you benefit and the cheaper it is per session. Win! Win! Who would have thought that swapping your 2x Starbucks coffees each day for instant coffee would change your life.
  • How Do I Book Sessions?
    All sessions are booked via our online booking system. No more fitting in with your PTs schedule, you're taking back control! You choose what service you want, when you want it and how often you have it. Simple as that! Sync to your calendar so you never forget.
  • Is There a Contract?
    No contractual requirements. Cancel at any time.
  • How Many Times Can I Train?
    You can have 1x service per day, 7x days per week. Every time you come to the gym you will be with a PT. You can choose to train every single day. However, we would recommend breaking up your week with our massage and stretching classes to adequately recover.
  • Do I Have To Train The Same Time Each Day?
    No. Using our booking system you have full control over the time of your sessions. Choose a time that works around your schedule.
  • How Long Is My Session?
    Every session is 60 minutes. This gives our trainers time to ensure you are properly warmed up, able to complete a full 45-minute workout and have time to grab a protein shake after your workout. The last thing we want is for you to feel rushed and cram your session into 30-45 mins like many personal training sessions.
  • What does the consultation include?
    You will be greeted by one of our trainers and shown around our premium facility before grabbing a free drink. Jump on our body scanner before using our goal setting booklets to set out your plan of action.
  • How Do I Start?
    Fill out our enquire now form below and one of our trainers will contact you. Just specify how you would like to be contacted (call, message, email).


Personal training is a very expensive industry and the more you want to train or the more help and support you need on your journey, the more you are going to have to pay.


We believe your health is your wealth and you shouldn’t be charged more money if you are willing to put in the effort and truly want to make a change to your life. Now more than ever we need to invest in ourselves, learn how to love ourselves again and become the best version of ourselves and for as little as £8.50 a day (2 Starbuck’s coffees) you can do exactly that! We are experts at breaking down bad habits and building up new lifelong sustainable ones that will put you in the best possible position to achieve everything you’ve ever wanted.


You will have full control of what service you want, how often you have it and what time you want it through our online booking system. Take back control of your life and book your free consultation and Body Scan now. 

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Personal training has lost its touch over the last few years and the “Quick Fix” ideology taking over, causing negative effects to so many people including disordered eating, lack of self-love and body dysmorphia. With “personal” training these days, you will likely get grouped into two categories of either fat loss or muscle gain. You will be on the same workout as everyone else in your category with a one size fits all approach. The complete opposite of PERSONAL. We take pride in tailoring everything to your own personal needs. We make sure your body is mobile enough, balanced and fully functioning to enable you to live your best life!



Countless studies now show that if you really want to make a lasting change, break down bad habits and build positive sustainable new ones, you must first surround yourself in a community of people who are all trying to achieve a similar goal. Not only that, but studies have also shown that having something to look forward to each month helps build your self-esteem and have a more optimistic view on life. That’s why we have community events each month such as hikes all around the UK, Ninja Warrior, bowling, Awesome Walls, paddle boarding and so much more! 

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We truly believe in rewarding positive behavioural change. Each month we set our members monthly challenges in which you compete in teams or against yourself. Challenges such as rowing the equivalent of the English Channel over the month, cycling a leg of the Tour De France, walking 1,000,000 steps in teams of three. The point of the challenge is not to be the fastest or the strongest, its all about going the extra mile and completing the challenge. If you complete it over the month, you will receive a prize such as free merch, XP, drinks and more!


We are experts at keeping you accountable to the goals you set! The proof is in the pudding when you look at all the amazing lifestyle changes that our members go through once they’ve walked through the door! We are lifestyle tacticians and break down each aspect of your life. We see what areas can be improved to help you develop into the person you’ve been telling yourself you should be and the person we know you deserve to be. Our holistic approach coupled with our premium facilities allows our members to evolve not just physically, but mentally and emotionally.



Unlimited personal Training. Every time you go to the gym you will have a personal trainer.


Facilitate Sustainable lifestyle changes. Make significant and lasting changes over time.


Be a part of the fasted growing community. You will never feel alone again on your journey to a healthy lifestyle.

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Goal setting at Limitless drives personal growth and achievement. Clear, specific goals provide purpose, direction, and a roadmap for progress, fostering focus and intentional choices. We guide you in setting 12-month goals and monthly steps to ensure success, nurturing confidence, and a fulfilling life. Turn your dreams into reality, one milestone at a time.



At Limitless, we promote sustainable lifestyle changes through mindful nutrition. It's about reconnecting with your body's true needs, making conscious choices, and nourishing not only your physical health but also your emotional and mental well-being. Mindful nutrition enhances your appreciation for food, reduces overeating, and supports a balanced, joyful life. Start this conscious journey toward a fulfilling relationship with nutrition.

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At Limitless, we emphasise sustainable health and wellness, steering away from quick fixes that often lead to unhealthy relationships with food and body image. Sustainable health focuses on gradual, lasting changes, nurturing a healthy relationship with body, mind, and spirit. It's about enduring practices that promote overall well-being. Embracing your transformative journey towards a healthier, happier you through sustainability.



Massage promotes physical and mental relaxation, reducing stress and muscle tension. It boosts circulation, endorphin release, and the immune system, enhancing overall well-being. Platinum members get unlimited massages, while Gold members receive a 50% discount. Use our massage service as your ally for optimal wellness and a happier life at Limitless.



Stretching and mobility is vital for physical well-being, enhancing flexibility, posture, and movement. Combined, they nurture joint health, aiding longevity and reducing aches and stress. Our members have access to our stretch and mobility classes which can be booked via our online booking system.

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Our vibrant community is the heartbeat of your fitness journey, motivating and supporting you toward your goals. Together, we conquer challenges, celebrate achievements, and nurture mental and emotional well-being. At Limitless you can forge lasting bonds, and elevate your health and vitality to new heights!

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