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Terms and Conditions for Black50 Campaign

**Limitless Lifestyle Community - Terms and Conditions for 50% Off Personal Training Packages**

These Terms and Conditions ("Terms") govern the promotional offer provided by Limitless Lifestyle Community ("LLC") for a 50% discount on all personal training packages. By availing this offer, you agree to comply with these Terms.

**1. Eligibility:**
   - This promotion is exclusively for new members of Limitless Lifestyle Community.
   - Existing members are not eligible for this offer.

**2. Offer Period:**
   - The promotional offer is valid for personal training packages purchased between the 13th and 25th of November 2023. Packages must start within 20 days of purchase.

**3. Discount Duration:**
   - The 50% discount is applicable only for the first month of the chosen personal training package.

**4. Package Inclusions:**
   - The discount applies to all personal training packages offered by LLC during the specified period.

**5. How to Avail the Offer:**
   - To avail the 50% discount, new members must enroll in a personal training package within the stipulated offer period.

**6. Non-Transferable:**
   - This offer is non-transferable and cannot be combined with any other promotions, discounts, or special offers.

**7. Limited Availability:**
   - The offer is subject to availability, and LLC reserves the right to modify or terminate the promotion at any time without prior notice.

**8. Usage Restrictions:**
   - The 50% discount is applicable only to the specified personal training packages and does not extend to other services provided by LLC.

**9. Cancellation and Refund:**
   - Cancellation of the personal training package after the discounted first month will not be eligible for a refund or credit.

**10. General Terms:**
   - LLC reserves the right to refuse service, terminate memberships, or modify these Terms at its discretion.

**11. Contact Information:**
   - For any inquiries or concerns regarding this promotion, please contact us.

By participating in this offer, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to these Terms and Conditions. Limitless Lifestyle Community reserves the right to interpret, modify, or terminate this promotion at its sole discretion.

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